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how to load text as html using HAP

Aug 26, 2010 at 5:35 AM

Hi All,

I have a text like:

    <table class="\"matches   \">
            <tr class="\"sub-head\">
                <th class="\"day\">
                    Day<\/th><th class="\"date\">
                        Date<\/th><th class="\"team team-a\">
                            Home team<\/th><th class="\"score-time\">
                                Score\/Time<\/th><th class="\"team team-b\">
                                    Away team<\/th><th class="\"events-button button\">
                                        &nbsp;<\/th><th class="\"info-button button\">
<td colspan="\"7\">
<p class="\"last\"><strong>
    *<\/strong> Matches were or will be played in the past\/next 3 days.<\/p><\/td><\/tr><\/tfoot><\/table>

How can i load or parse this text as html then extract it data using HAP?