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Microsoft Office / VBA interoperability?

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Mar 28, 2011 at 2:52 PM

First: Very good work, HAP closes an important gap in what MS libs currently offer!

I'd like to get HAP to work from within Excel / VBA, but despite a lot of searching and trying I could not get this to work.

Is there a plan to make HAP work from within Office applications using VBA, i.e. to provide HAP as a COM component, in particular from Excel? (So far I could not manage to create a "Reference" to the HAP DLL from Excel, nor to use RegAsm for registering it sucessfully... at least for me, using Windows 7, Office 2010, .NET FW 4.0.30319.1)

Or, if not, is there a way to get this to work which I have missed?