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to read HtmlNode always take a long time

Apr 16, 2011 at 6:23 AM

In my work,I got HtmlNode's InnerHtml and  InnerText ,OuterHtml,Name Very slowly.

The code like this:

public class HtmlFragment{ public HtmlFragment(HtmlNode hNode)    

public class HtmlFragment
	 public HtmlFragment(HtmlNode hNode)
            this.HNode = hNode;
            //Init always take a long time
      public HtmlNode HNode{get;set;}
      public void Init(){
      		string tagName=TagName.Name;
      		string outHtml=this.HNode.OuterHtml;
      		string innerText=this.HNode.InnerText;
      		string innerHTML=this.HNode.InnerHtml;