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Add a /n character to go to a new line

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Jun 1, 2011 at 8:21 AM

Hi all,

First sorry for my horrible english, my problem is that I have this piece of code:

        Dim codice As String
        Dim doc As New HtmlDocument
        Dim coll As HtmlNodeCollection
        Dim node As HtmlNode
        Dim nuovo As HtmlNode

        codice = "<li><a href=""#"" onclick=""ApriClass('" + D_Clas.SafeFileName + "')"" title="""">� " + T_ClasNome.Text + "</a></li>"
        coll = doc.GetElementbyId("subnavi").SelectNodes("ul")
        node = coll.Last
        nuovo = HtmlNode.CreateNode(codice)
This add a line of html in "codice" at a specified position...but i've noticed that everytime it write to my html file it doesn't go to a new line, so it will write:
(1st item)<li><a href="#" onclick="ApriClass('classificagiocatori3.htm')" title="">� 3 Class</a></li>(2nd item)<li><a href="#" onclick="ApriClass('classificagiocatori.htm')" title="">� classificagioca.0tori.htm</a></li>

So how can I go to a new line?


Many thanks in advance...