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Extract N-th tag using xpath

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Jun 30, 2011 at 10:02 AM

  <td valign="top" class="productListBody">

 <b>hi</b> xvxvxcvxc<br />

<b>dsfds:</b> 2011<br>  

 <b>sdfdsf</b> Bsdfdsl<br>

<b>Leveringstid:</b>&nbsp;2-5 dager<br /> 

<b>Pris:</b> 399,-<br />


I want to extract the Content after Pris: . How can i achieve this

using This expression    //td[@class='productListBody']/b[5]

i am getting the <b> tag only .

Here is my code


HtmlWeb htmlWeb = new HtmlWeb();            HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument document = htmlWeb.Load(weburl);
produktId=9788205413191"            HtmlNode someNode = null;                       if (xpathQry != "") 
     someNode =    document.DocumentNode.SelectSingleNode(xpathQry);  

if (someNode != null)            
    _bookprice = someNode.InnerText;