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Info from javascript text?

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Aug 12, 2011 at 9:28 PM

Hello, im trying to get some information from a website ( now most if it is easy enough with html agility pack, but im stuck on how to get information after a java script tag.


The source what im trying to get info from is 

<script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
Markup.printHtml("[ul][li]Level: 49[/li][li]Requires level 47[/li][li]Loremaster: [url=/achievement=4931]Felwood[/url][/li][li]Side: [span class=icon-horde]Horde[/span][/li][li][icon name=quest_start]Start: [url=/npc=48127]Darla Drilldozer[/url][/icon][/li][li][icon name=quest_end]End: [url=/npc=48127]Darla Drilldozer[/url][/icon][/li][li]Sharable[/li][li]Difficulty: [color=r2]47[/color][small] &nbsp;[/small][color=r3]52[/color][small] &nbsp;[/small][color=r4]59[/color][/li][li]Added in patch 4.0.3[/li][/ul]", "sdhafcuvh0", { allow: Markup.CLASS_STAFF, dbpage: true });


Now from all that, the only thing im interested in is the info from 

[url=/npc=48127]Darla Drilldozer[/url]

From which i only want do display 48127 and Darla Drilldozer.

Is there anyway to do this?