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Inner Text but the hard way

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Apr 17, 2012 at 1:01 AM

I need to get some text from this web page I want to use the trade feed for my program to analyse the sentiment of the markets.

I used the VB browser control and the get element command but its not working. The problem is that whenever my browser starts to open the page I get java scripts errors. Every help is welcome

I tried with DOM but seems that i dont quite understand what i need to do :) Here is what i get until now


Dim code As String Using client As New WebClient

        code = client.DownloadString("")
End Using

Dim htmlDocument As IHTMLDocument2 = New HTMLDocument(code)

Dim allElements As IHTMLElementCollection = htmlDocument.body.all

Dim allid As IHTMLElementCollection = allElements.tags("id")
Dim element As IHTMLElement

For Each element In allid
.title = element.innerText


Thank you :)