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Is there any way to update the OuterHtml?

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Sep 2, 2016 at 8:25 AM
Is there any solution to update the OuterHtml, like we can update the InnerHtml? Or, probably there is another solution than OuterHtml?

Here is my case:
Currently, I have this html string:
<div id="table-timesheet-preview" class="{MO-CSS-CLASS value="TimeSheet"}">

And I want to change it to be:
<div id="table-timesheet-preview" class='{MO-CSS-CLASS value="TimeSheet"}'>

My logic is by getting the div based on "table-timesheet-preview", retrieving the OuterHtml (readonly), and ???

I can't use the InnerHtml, because it only contains of the inside html of "table-timesheet-preview", not the div itself.