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HtmlAgilityPack [runtime login on website using servlet & also using query string]

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Aug 6, 2007 at 1:23 PM
i am using htmlagilitypack to ligin into site which supports ssl

site is developen in jsp and i think using servlet to login .

Site ref :

I show u my coding script too

HtmlAgilityPack.AddOns.FormProcessor.FormProcessor p = new HtmlAgilityPack.AddOns.FormProcessor.FormProcessor();
string userName = "******";
string password = "*******";

HtmlAgilityPack.AddOns.FormProcessor.Form form = p.GetForm("", "//form@name='login'", HtmlAgilityPack.AddOns.FormProcessor.FormQueryModeEnum.Nested);

form"userID".SetAttributeValue("value", userName);
form"password".SetAttributeValue("value", password);

HtmlDocument doc= p.SubmitForm(form);

but after login it is showing me a blank page
anybody who is working on this please help me out

another question is using querystring how can i login
ref like :****&password=****
can it possible using this i can login?