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Failing at parsing html, help.

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Dec 5, 2010 at 6:55 PM

So im trying to check if a a href link contains a div class name

<div class="listView"> 
<div class="result firstResultRow product" id="result_0" name="B0031S4KAE_0"> 
<div id="srNum_0" class="number">1.</div> 
<div class="productImage"><a href=""> <img src="" class="" border="0" alt="Product Details"  width="115" height="115"/> </a></div> 
<div class="productData"> 


I need to check if ProductImages href anchor contains @name.

Although i just noticed that @name has a "_0" after it which isnt in the product link..

in anycase, if someone could help me start of. i just started using html agility pack and its pretty hard to get used to. Thanks